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Swiss Airlines

It operates out of Zurich and Geneva and offers service to more than 100 locations throughout more than 40 nations. Every year, almost 18 million travelers depend on SWISS. The largest airline alliance in the world, Star Alliance, includes SWISS as a member.

Cabin Classes

There are three different cabin classes on SWISS Airlines:

Economy Class

The distance between seats in economy class is 81 cm (32 inches). They have personal screens with a selection of movies, TV shows, audio, and games. The menu offers tasty, nutritious options that can accommodate the majority of dietary constraints.

Business Class

Business Class seats are 152 cm/60 inches. Large screens, laptop adapters, USB ports, and iPod connectors are available on the seats. Depending on the aircraft, passengers can recline their seats all the way to a bed or to 13 degrees to relax. Pick from a large variety of wines and a gourmet meal.

First Class

First Class seats have a distance of 211 cm/83 inches between them. Consider this cabin to be your sky-high living room complete with a table, chair, and footrest. Using your phone, the armchair may be converted into a bed. At any time, choose from a selection of premium wines and liquors, as well as a light snack or a seven-course gourmet meal.

Baggage Policy

According to Swiss Air’s baggage allowance policies, a person flying economy class on SWISS may only check in one bag that weighs a maximum of 23 kilograms.

SWISS Business class passengers may check a maximum of two bags of 64 kg, each weighing no more than 32 kg.

SWISS First-class passengers are permitted to check a maximum of 3 bags, each weighing no more than 32 kg and adding up to no more than 96 kg.

Benefits to flying with Swiss International Airlines

If you are taking a group trip, you can reserve seats with more leg room, seats by the window, and seats next to your traveling companions. You can reserve a seat in your preferred area with extra legroom on the Swiss Economy. Book a privacy seat if you’re traveling on a Swiss Business flight. Both during and after the flight booking process, all of this is feasible.

You can benefit from the airlines’ extra baggage allowance by purchasing a Light price in Swiss Economy that just includes hand baggage. Now, you can reserve the first piece of luggage at a discounted price and then, if required, buy the second. Even if your flight is already reserved, you can still reserve extra luggage up to two hours prior to departure.

There are upgrades offered! You’ll be more comfortable on board, have access to special meals, and boarding will go more quickly. There are several Business Class upgrade possibilities available on Swiss Airlines.

You are welcome to travel with your pet on Swiss Airlines. Either the cabin or the cargo section of the aircraft can be reserved for them. There is room for up to two animals in the cabin.