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Lynx Air

A low-cost airline located in Calgary, Canada is called Lynx Air. The airline used Boeing 737 technology to run its first flight from Calgary to Vancouver.

Popular Routes

Popular Lynx Air (Y9) itineraries include Calgary to Toronto, Toronto to Vancouver, and Toronto to Vancouver. With two daily flights, Calgary-Toronto is the busiest of these lines.

Assistance on Your Travel Plans

The following are the various areas of your trip arrangements where the Lynx Air live experts can provide you with live assistance.

  1. Bookings and reservations
  2. Manage Reservations
  3. Check-in, seat selection, and boarding
  4. Policies for Baggage, Rebooking, and Group Travel on Lynx Airlines
  5. Any assistance related to the flyer program

Lynx Air Offers Several Ways to Speak with a Live Person

●  Phone Number

The quickest method to speak with a live person at Lynx Airlines Customer Service is to call their 24/7 phone number. The phone support option also gives you the chance to completely discuss your issues with a live person and get immediate help.

●  Live Chat

Through the live chat operation, you can also contact a live agent at Lynx Air customer service and get prompt, hassle-free assistance. In addition, you will get prompt support for urgent matters like seat upgrades and schedule adjustments.

●  Email

Even though it might take some time for you to hear back via email, your problem will be fixed once they’ve seen it.

In order to contact Lynx Air customer service directly and get immediate, on-the-spot assistance from the experts, it is highly advised to choose the phone support option.

Cancellation policy

Passengers frequently want to alter or cancel their reservations after they have already made them because they believe that their reservations were not confirmed. With Lynx Air, you have the option to alter your bookings after the reservation has been confirmed.

You must go through the following statements in order to receive the full details regarding the cancellation of the Lynx Air trip.

  1. Within 72 hours of the scheduled boarding time, the airlines will not permit the passenger to change or cancel the trip.
  2. If a ticket is purchased using a travel coupon, the voucher must be used within 12 months of purchase or it will expire.
  3. They will be able to get a refund in the same manner as the payment was made if they book the flight seven days before the departure date and need to cancel it seven days before the boarding date.
  4. The passengers will receive a travel voucher if they reserve their flight within seven days of the scheduled departure date.

If you are planning to cancel Lynx Air flight

  1. Within 24 hours of making a reservation, a passenger may alter their flight without incurring any fees.
  2. Within 72 hours of the scheduled boarding date, the passenger may change the trip. After that, the airlines won’t let the customer alter anything.
  3. Passengers who make the adjustments before 72 hours of boarding must pay a fee of between 80 USD and 200 USD.
  4. The fare will vary according to the date the trip was canceled and the amount of time before boarding.
  5. If a passenger changes their flight for a higher price, they are responsible for the disparity in price as well as the change fee.
  6. The airline will not refund the difference if the passenger switches to a flight at the cheaper fare; they will only charge a change fee.
  7. If a ticket is purchased through an authorized agent of Lynx Airlines, any modifications to the reservation must be made through that agent.