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Air Canada Airlines

The biggest and flag carrier of Canada is Air Canada. In terms of fleet size, the 1937-founded Canadian flag carrier ranks as the tenth-largest passenger airline in the globe today. Calgary International Airport, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, and Toronto Pearson International Airport serve as its main airports.

Where do flights from Air Canada fly?

Including flights to the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America, Air Canada offers about 800 flights per day to more than 180 locations across five continents, including 60 in Canada, 49 in the United States, and 73 in Europe.

Frequent flyer Program

The frequent flier scheme for Air Canada, known as Aeroplan, is a member of the Star Alliance.

The miles and tier points programme used by AeroPlan is pretty standard. When you travel with Air Canada or another Star Alliance airline, you can accrue miles, which are the programme’s currency. One Aeroplan Mile is awarded for every $1 to $3 spent on domestic or international travel within Canada or to the United States. Each year, Tier Miles decide membership status, and you can advance to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Lifetime Platinum Status through them. Your Tier level will grant you benefits such as access to lounges, additional baggage, and upgrades. You also receive regular miles, which can be used to book free trips.

Manage booking

To make travelling more convenient, Air Canada has now launched the Air Canada Manage Booking feature. Additionally, you can obtain the Air Canada app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android users. Using the Air Canada Manage Booking feature makes it much simpler to change your reservations.

Air Canada Manage My Booking Steps

  1. Visit Air Canada’s Official website.
  2. You can use your personal details to sign into your Air Canada account if you are an Aeroplan member.
  3. To find a booking choice, click the “Booking” tab.
  4. In the spaces provided, enter all required information, including your last name and the booking number.
  5. Select the booking you want to change, such as changing the flight schedule or selecting an Air Canada seat, by clicking the “Search” option.
  6. You might be required to pay the fare difference if you need to change your trip.
  7. To make your changes, click “Confirm change.”
  8. The updated information for your reservation and a confirmation email from Air Canada will be sent to the address you supplied.

Furthermore, feel free to contact the carrier and get immediate assistance if you run into any problems with Air Canada Manage Booking.

Cancellation policy

The Air Canada Cancellation Policy is fairly straightforward to adhere to. If you’re unaware of this truth, canceling a flight can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Let’s say you have a ticket reservation with Air Canada and want to reschedule it. If so, this guide will provide you with all the details you need to comprehend the cancellation policy and be aware of which provisions pertain to your particular circumstance.

According to Air Canada’s cancellation policy, you are permitted to cancel your flight and receive a full refund on the part of your ticket that was not used if any of the following apply:

  1. According to Air Canada, your plane will not depart as scheduled.
  2. A journey can be canceled within 24 hours of the time of booking.
  3. have a ticket with unrestricted flexibility.
  4. Despite the fact that you had a ticket, the flight crew refused to let you board.
  5. There will be a minimum three-hour delay in your departure.
  6. Because your flight was rescheduled, you can’t make it to your connecting connection.

If you are unable to travel because of unusual conditions, such as a terminal illness, the death of a fellow traveller or a close relative, military orders, etc.